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JDA is a renowned name in commodity exports from West Africa. We deliver top-quality commodities worldwide.

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About Us

JDA is a leading commodity export company based in West Africa, renowned for its commitment to excellence and integrity in the global market. Specializing in the export of various commodities, including agricultural products. JDA prides itself on its extensive network of suppliers and buyers, ensuring top-quality products and seamless transactions. With a dedication to sustainable practices and fair trade principles, the company plays a vital role in promoting economic development and fostering partnerships across continents. Committed to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices, JDA stands as a trusted name in the international trade arena, facilitating the exchange of valuable commodities to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide.

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Our Focus Commodities

We provide a range of export services, including the export of commodities such as cassava chips, sesame seeds, groundnuts (peanuts), hibiscus, and raw cashew nuts. 

Cassava Chips Export

Explore the exquisite taste of our premium cassava chips! Sourced from the finest cassava farms, our chips are meticulously processed to retain their natural flavor and crispiness. Perfect for snacks or as ingredients in various dishes. Elevate your culinary experience with our top-quality cassava chips export service.

Export of Sesame Seeds

Experience the finest in sesame seeds export with JDA. Our premium sesame seeds are carefully sourced and processed to retain their natural flavor and nutrients. Perfect for culinary and nutritional uses, our sesame seeds meet global quality standards. Elevate your products with JDA’s sesame seeds today.

Groundnut Export

Explore our premium groundnut export service at JDA. We source and export high-quality groundnuts, ensuring freshness and crunchiness in every batch. With a commitment to excellence, we cater to global markets, providing top-notch groundnuts for snacks, culinary uses, and food processing industries. 

Export of Hibiscus Flower

Experience the allure of our premium hibiscus flowers, meticulously sourced and exported for their vibrant color and exquisite flavor. Perfect for teas, beverages, and culinary creations, our hibiscus flowers are a testament to quality and freshness. Elevate your offerings with JDA’s export of hibiscus flowers today.

Export of Raw Cashew Nuts

Discover the excellence of our Raw Cashew Nuts export service. Sourced from premium origins, our cashews guarantee freshness and quality. With meticulous processing and reliable logistics, we ensure timely delivery worldwide. Trust JDA for premium raw cashew nuts that meet your quality standards and elevate your business.

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Most Common FAQs

JDA specializes in exporting agricultural products like cassava chips, sesame seeds, groundnuts, hibiscus, and raw cashew nuts, among others.

We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the sourcing, processing, and packaging stages. Additionally, we work closely with trusted suppliers who adhere to international quality standards.

The lead time can vary depending on the specific commodity and order quantity. However, we strive to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently, ensuring timely delivery to our clients.

Yes, we can accommodate certain customization requests such as packaging size, labeling, and shipping arrangements. Our goal is to meet the unique needs of each client.

We are committed to sustainable sourcing practices, ethical business conduct, and environmental responsibility. We prioritize working with suppliers who follow sustainable farming and production methods, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.


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